Back To WorkNovember 3rd, 2015

I've rebooted Tree Cover and released Sanctuary on handmade CDs and cassettes. More news to come.

TearsJanuary 14th, 2014

Been writing music. Made myself cry. That's how I know I'm going in the right direction. For me, beauty and sadness go best together. Both make me cry. I'm trying to write songs that marry the two. Tears can be the measure of my success.

PeopleJanuary 11th, 2014

As a child, people seemed to me a lot like objects. They followed certain patterns, looked and felt a certain way, performed certain tasks and duties, and allowed or blocked access to things. My relationship to them was purely utilitarian. Of course, love was implicit throughout my childhood, or I would never be the person that I am today. I simply lacked the ability to empathize with the humanity of those around myself. I was typically alienated, hard working, lost in obsessions and interests. The strange part was that I was a very sensitive child, just not sensitive to overtly "human" things. Sensory experiences, places, objects, both real and virtual were how I explored my feelings. My concept of reciprocal human relationship didn't develop until my young adulthood, and I'm only now beginning to trace the deep emotional undercurrents of my long-standing relationships to friends and family. This unfolding of my self seems key to my development as a person and as an artist. The beauty and meaning held in relational love are unquestionably the foremost human experience. To even bother to say so is to heap empty words onto the face of God. Still, it took time, and a lot of pain, for me to realize that. It was not an easy, or even particularly natural, realization.

Some day I hope to share meaningful reflections on the people from my life through music. At this point, I am still exploring how to do it. Even if I did write something I probably would not want to share it right away or openly link my words to particular people out of concern for their privacy and the sanctity of our relationship. So as much as I'd like to make a 'People' page I think those words will stay tucked away in my diaries.

PlacesJanuary 3rd, 2014

It would seem that each of us are inextricably bound to the places we have occupied. In my case, just entering into a space from my past evokes memory as a series of moods or snapshot-like feelings. Certain places have a number of shades, or outfits depending on what season of the year or of my life I view them from. This interplay between my mind and the spaces that I inhabit has historically formed the foundation of all of my most personal creative pursuits. A deep need arose to somehow express the way these places made me feel, and to create spaces that embody those feelings.

The subtleties and subjectivities of this pursuit cannot be underestimated, yet I have attempted to create a framework for sharing the places that have made me who I am and that I continue to rely upon for inspiration and comfort. This section will feature a series of reflections linked to interactive maps specifying their locations.

WordsDecember 16th, 2013

I struggle with words: knowing what they mean and how to organize them to express emotion and nuance. The lyrics that I have written in the past are extremely minimal, impressionist sorts of stuff.

They're pretty. They're also pretty vapid depending on how you interpret them.

Lately, I've been desiring to develop how I use language to express profound emotion. I've been revisiting old journal entries from a few years ago and finding that some of the stuff is really quite evocative. I'm remembering how it added to my experience of writing music and captured many of the emotions I was trying to pin down. So I've added a new section to the site to share some of these words. As of yet, I have no idea how or if I could set this sort of writing to music. Still, it fleshes out the experience of Uwue and will hopefully touch some in ways that light and sound does not.

To Start AnewDecember 14th, 2013

Whether this is written more for myself or for the information of others I'm not sure. Nevertheless, I am here to say that Uwue is, in recent weeks, more alive and real than it has been for almost two years. I am writing music and booking performances. I am dedicated to the continuation of this world within myself and, in turn, in the presence of others. To the few who experienced Uwue in the past I express my gratitude and my word that I continue to desire your involvement in this created space. To the many more who know nothing of Uwue I invite your presence at a future performance.

On a housekeeping note, I've archived all past News announcements. They are available via the archive link at the bottom of each page.