Uwue (yoo-wuh)

"Caleb Cossick grew up in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

Camp Hill is Uwue along with Lemoyne, New Cumberland, Highland Park, public parks, swings, trees, sidewalk, street lights, sunlight, breezes, memories, feelings of ecstacy, frustration, longing, and hope.

Uwue is the music of Caleb Cossick."

I wrote these words a number of years ago, during a time when my need to create an outlet for my emotions was more powerful than any other facet of my inner life. In the time since, I have lost and rediscovered this need through a whirlwind of empty creative pursuits and sullied ambitions. The disappointments and everyday tragedies of adulthood have led me back to this place, to a world of light and sound born in my inner life: in my memories, my longings, hopes, disappointments and tragedies.

This world is a work in progress, a reflection of my soul that I attempt to distill and to make manifest. I want you to enter into this world, and for you to know a part of myself and of yourself by doing so. But I have also learned that I can no more easily make another person enter this world than I can control what comes my way tomorrow. All of it must take place in its own course. I can only continue to explore and express what Uwue is with gratitude and honesty.

The greatest of this gratitude goes out to the family and friends that have played and will play my music with me.